Faculty of Pharmacy

Vision & Mission

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The Faculty of Pharmacy - Al Nahda University aspires to excellence and leadership in education, scientific research and community services in the field of pharmacy to reach the college to the world.




The Faculty of Pharmacy at Nahda University is committed to graduating cadres of scientifically and practically qualified pharmacists who are morally committed to meeting the needs of the society and the needs of the labor market and creating the appropriate environment for scientific research to keep abreast of scientific and technological developments in order to achieve sustainable development in the field of pharmacy for community service.


Strategic goals and objectives
The first goal is to improve teaching and learning, develop policies to solve education problems and provide an appropriate educational environment.

strategic goals

Updating the educational program to meet the quality requirements of education and the needs of the labor market
Developing teaching and learning methods to keep abreast of developments in the field of pharmacy
Continuous improvement of the college infrastructure to achieve quality teaching and learning
Developing the skills of academic leaders, faculty members, their assistants and the administrative system

Goal 2: Developing the level of services, activities and support provided to students and graduates

strategic goals :

Developing student support mechanisms and encouraging student activities.
Developing and activating means of follow-up and communication with graduates

The third objective: To support and promote scientific research in line with modern developments in the field of pharmacy

strategic goals :

1- Updating the scientific research plan and developing distinguished research cadres that keep pace with modern technologies.

2 - Support and develop the infrastructure of scientific research faculty


Goal 4: Promote community participation and environmental development:

strategic goals :

1- Supporting and developing the activities and services of the college to the outside society

2 - activating the participation of the community parties in the activities and services of the College