Nahda Continuing Education Center

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Mission Statement


Nahda Continuing Education Center is recognized locally and internationally. It effectively serves the Egyptian society in general and NUB University in particular by providing educational and training services that can improve the professional and social lives of individuals.


To center aims to meet the international standards related to the preparation, qualification, and development of human cadres by providing training programs to NUB employees, students, graduates, as well as the civil society (both individuals and institutions) in order to achieve personal and professional development in accordance with specific achievable and measurable objectives.


• Developing the skills that prepare students to take the lead in their specialties after graduation, essentially qualifying them to meet the needs of the labor market

• Developing the skills of faculty members, their assistants, and leaders by means of continuous training and development

• Developing the administrative and leadership skills for the whole university staff and administrative body

• Defining and developing training and educational programs that fulfill the needs of the civil society and other sectors concerned

• Encouraging and strengthening relations between NUB and the community by coordination between the two parties and mobilization of resources to enrich graduates’ academic, cultural, and professional capabilities

• Providing high-quality services to all stakeholders concerned with the continuation of educational programs and activities, specifically in the fields of training, consultation, and professional cooperation

• Providing new resources that will help the center achieve financial self-sufficiency and create an additional income to the university

Center of Continuing Education Board of Directors:

1- Prof. Dr. Sedik Afifi (President)

2- Prof. Dr. Khaled Abo El Fadl (Vice President)

3- Dr. Ahmed Hefny (Executive Director)

4- Mr. Samir Shehata (Secretary General of the University)

5- Hazem Shalaby (Financial Controller)