Community Service Center

THE CONTINUING EDUCATION,AND TRAINING, AND COMMUNITY SERVICE CENTER Nahda University Leads an influential role in the field of education, since its establishment in 2006, to undergraduate which spreads from the south to the north of the country as a result of its outstanding position in the East Beni Suef and having a lot of potential of human a

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Alumini Office

The Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) was established upon the graduation of the first group of NUB students. The Office plays different roles as following: - Facilitates finishing up the graduation procedures for NUB students especially the preparation and delivery of the graduation certificates in addition to delivering the students' own files. - C

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Dental Hospital

Since its establishment in 2007, The Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine- Nahda University has played an important role in providing dental education and oral health services in Upper Egypt. Its educational dental hospital, located in the University's campus in Bani Sweif, is one of the largest dental hospitals in egypt. The undergraduate acade

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Student Hostel

We live in the world, which is full of various means of mass media. Recent researches have proved that almost 69% of people are exposed to the different means of mass media and absorb their messages in almost every second of their daily lives. This exposure to the media has left profound impact on our lives to the extent that we are not wondering a

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Egyptian Science Week

The Egyptian Science Week is a national and national initiative organized every March on the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt in order to raise awareness and interest in science, technology, culture and arts. The University of Al-Nahda participated in the activities of the Egyptian Science Week as an academic partner for the week, 1 - Conferenc

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