This is done to supervise and advise the courses whichthe students register in their different years of attending the university under the supervision of faculty members. Advising of new students is done in the first semester directly by the faculty members responsible for advising the student, whereas all other students register electronically in a specified period of time. His registration is revised by his advisor who should okay it, or he has to contact the student to discuss with him what he thinks needs discussion. In the first two weeks of the semester , the student has the right to drop and/or add what he wants to change , which has to be done by the advisor only . The student is also allowed in the third and fourth weeks to drop any course that he does not want to continue and is also allowed to withdraw from any such course till the tenth week . Both dropping and withdrawal do not affect the student's GPA, and have to be approved by the student's advisor. The student advisor is also responsible for revising all the courses that the student has studied , specially in his last year of study ,to make sure that The student has studied all the requirements for graduation. 

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